Ukrainian Artist Makes Stunningly Realistic Porcelain Flowers

If you want to decorate your home with colorful flowers and you don’t have a green thumb, Olesya Galushcenko is the person who is able to make your dreams come true. This Ukrainian artist from Odessa creates stunning flower arrangements that never fade and look more real than real flowers.

A hydraulics engineer by specialty, this talented woman took a maternity leave seven years ago and started creating porcelain flowers in her free time. A personal challenge turned into passion, so she used online resources and tutorials to learn as much as she could about this craft.

At first, Galushcenko worked with deco clay but as the flowers were not real enough for her, the artist started experimenting with other types of clay.

“Now I use Japanese and Thai floristic polymer clays. They are clays that harden when exposed to air. They are popularly called ‘cold porcelain,’ although they have nothing to do with porcelain,” she told Bored Panda.

Judging by comments on social media, every single person that comes across Galushcenko’s art is in disbelief at how terrifyingly realistic her flowers look. Still, the artist believes there is no limit to perfection, so she keeps on studying and experimenting to improve her work.

Check out her porcelain flowers in the photos below.