Chic Headbands in Neutral Colors Will Be Everywhere This Fall

Headbands will be as trendy this fall as they were all year long—the only difference is we’ll be wearing more neutral tones once the leaves start falling. Major hair accessorizing brands are making us fall in love with warmer, earthy hues—and the headbands they have in store for fall look truly magical.

Jennifer Behr

We can always count on Jennifer Behr to put new headband trends on the map, and their fall collection is already here. Since it has one of the biggest collections on the market, it goes without saying many of their headbands come in warm honey tones that are perfect for fall.  

Lele Sadoughi

Sadoughi offers a wide range of headbands in earthy tones, but their designs still allow you to add some dazzle to your look. The majority of their headbands are adorned with pearls, beads, and shiny jewels, adding some bling to your hairstyles.

Lelet NY

Speaking of bling, Lelet will also help you dazzle the world with your choice of amazing headbands. They have many woven and jewel-encrusted models in the store for us this fall, but they still look classy and subtle thanks to their neutral color.