Try This Two-Ingredient DIY Makeup Brush Cleaner

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If you are a makeup obsessive, you already know that brushes are your most important tool for looking good. That is why you should always take a really good care of them. In spite of the general opinion, you should clean all the ones that you use regularly once a month. A lot of ladies are not aware that dirty brushes can cause skin problems. All the ones who prefer using DIY products will love this makeup brush cleaner.


The name says it all. You will only need two very simple ingredients. Use two tablespoons of soap and one tablespoon of almond oil. When it comes to the soap, the best way to go is a natural organic one. But any type that you have will do the job. You don’t actually have to stick to almond oil. So, this DIY is very flexible because you can get creative with the ingredients.

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Best time to wash your brush? When your brush no longer feels like a new brush. A new brush feels wonderful on the skin and blends makeup effortlessly. As product builds up on bristles over time, the brush doesn’t feel smooth on your skin, resulting in streaky coverage. How often should you wash your brush? This is a personal preference, but once a week is a good guideline for your daily brushes. Remember, the longer makeup sits on the bristles, the more bacteria will grow. So regardless of the number of uses, cleaning your brushes frequently is a good idea. Head to your bathroom or kitchen counter and set up your brush cleansing palette, deep gel cleanser, a bowl of warm water, and a kitchen towel. Step 1: Slip hand into the palette and squeeze a drop of our brush cleansing gel onto the tool. Dip the brush into bowl of water (careful to only immerse the bristles), then swirl into the gel along the various surfaces of the palette. Step 2: Dip the bristles back into bowl of water to rinse off excess, then repeat swirling your brush over palette. Step 3: Rinse bristles thoroughly with warm water from the faucet, squeeze out the excess water and wipe onto dry towel. Step 4: Dry brushes upside down to keep water from loosening the glue in the ferrel. Rest your brushes across the surface of the brush cleansing palette or use the panoramic case from one of our sets. Enjoy your clean brushes! #pricelinepharmacy #pricelinepharmacyworldsquare #pricelinehaul #sydney #australia #makeup #makeupjunkie #intrabeauty #beautyaddict #makeupporn #makeuphaul #beautyhaul #realtechniques #100percentbeauty #100percentwomen #slave2beauty #makeuplover #makeupmafia #sale #pricelinesale #pricelinepinkdotsale #freshoffthepress #brushcleaning #brushcleaningpalette #hygine #keepitclean #keepithygiene #cleanbrush #cosmeticbrushes Credit: @realtechniques

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How to Make it:

It will take you around five minutes to make this makeup brush cleaner. Get a bowl and fill it with the oil and soap. Mix the liquid very well and you can start cleaning the brushes. The best thing about this recipe is the oil, which helps in keeping the bristles healthy and clean. There are special cleaning pads for makeup brushes, that you can get almost anywhere. They will make the process much easier. Always rinse the brushes with cold water. Hang them to dry for about a day.