Turn Your Closet Into a Haven Of Chic

Photo by Renata Fraga on Unsplash

Looking chic can seem like such an unattainable¬†goal especially if you love to be comfortable. But, chic doesn’t have to mean not functional! You can still look chic while still feeling like yourself, you just need to change a few things in your closet and you’ll have too many outfit choices and not enough days of the week.


When you look at the closet of someone truly chic, you probably won’t see a whole lot of color in there. Although there are ways to make a color look really chic when you’re first starting out, using colors like black, white, and gray is your best bet.



Fabric choices are essential when trying to look chic. If you don’t want to spend a lot of money on high-quality materials, try to find fabrics that are draped well especially linen, cotton, and faux suede. Avoid materials like rayon and polyester for the most part, because they will normally look cheap and not chic.


Invest your money in a good pair of shoes. Shoes are what literally ground an outfit, and even if your¬†look is completely chic, if the shoes are off there’s no use in it. Try to find something that matches with day and night looks.