Turkish Artist Paints On Blank T-Shirts to Make Them Less Boring

Have you ever opened your closet only to realize that you’re getting bored with your clothes? Well, there’s always a way to upgrade your wardrobe if you get creative.

Turkish artist Daria Kurtulmus has been turning her t-shirts into little works of art for quite some time now and we can’t help notice that all of her pieces look gorgeous.  


“I am an artist who gets bored painting on paper and canvas. I discovered fabric paints and decided to create a collection of wearable art,” Kurtulmus told Bored Panda.

Daria is using t-shirts, hoodies and button-up shirts as her canvas and she paints with fabric colors. She says that most of her artwork is inspired by pop culture.

“I draw inspiration for my designs from current trends such as music videos, movies, celebrities, and Instagram trends. I use fabric paints for painting, so clothes I create are not only unique and eye-catching but wearable and washable as well.”

Take a look at Daria’s creations in the photos below and maybe you’ll find inspiration to do something like this on your own.