Try These Useful Food Hacks Next Time You Go Camping

When it comes to camping, roasting marshmallows and grilling hamburgers and hot dogs are essentials, but there are so many more foods you can enjoy by your campfire. These campfire food hacks will make your next trip much more enjoyable.

Empty Condiment Bottles

Instead of throwing away your ketchup and mustard bottles when you’re finished with them, after you clean them you can fill them with pancake batter or eggs.

Foils Packs

Most campfires meals are made in foil and you can wrap baked potatoes, meat, grilled cheeses, or spiced apples in foil for easy mess-free meals.


Skewers can be used for so much more than just s’mores. Wrap your hotdogs in crescent dough for pigs in a blanket or make cinnamon rolls over the fire.

Orange Peels

The hollowed peels of oranges can be filled with muffin batter and then wrapped with foil before being placed on the coals to make an amazing dessert.