Transform your Life by Gaining Control of your Own Thoughts

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The mind is a powerful thing. But just how powerful? A lot of people are still unaware. But the fact is, you can transform your life just by the power of your mind. As long as you know how to control your mind, you’ll be able make some positive changes in your life. Here are some basic steps you can try:


First off, you need to start observing your thoughts more. You can start a “thought log” and write down the thoughts that run through your head as you’re thinking about them.

Identify the thoughts you want to eliminate

You may see a pattern emerge once you’ve started observing your thoughts. If you notice excessive negativity or other undesirable things, try to consciously eliminate them.

Challenge yourself. On everything you think you know about yourself. Or find people who are going to help you. You might not be seeing clearly because you are safe exactly where you are. . If you feel stuck, frustrated, overwhelmed or eternally depleted it might be time to stop trying to figure it out on your own and reach for support. Someone who can really truly see you without the filters that you have created to keep you comfortable. Growth, awareness and consciousness is not comfortable and, we are wired to resist it. Sometimes what we need the most is a mentor who is going to tell you exactly what you need to know. It might hurt, it might SUCK and in moments it might feel like you’re being torn down but is that what you need? To release the old s*** so you can rise anew? . I’m incredibly grateful for the people in my life who stretch me, who encourage me, who help me truly see. . If you invite these sort of people you will start creating opportunities for growth you never knew were possible. . . . #spiritual #spirituality #awakening #consciousness #truth #guidance #spirituallife #spiritualcoach #spiritualgrowth #spiritualgrowth #mindbodysoul #spiritualentrepreneur #awareness #soulcoach #spiritualhealing #lovedeeply #sacredlife #sacredliving #goddesstemple #entrepreneurspirit #spiritualjourney #raiseyourvibration #powerofthemind #trueself #journeytogreatness

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Stop those thoughts

Now that you’re more aware of what you want to get rid of, stop those thoughts in their tracks. The more you practice these first steps, the easier it will get for you to become aware and consciously stop those thoughts.

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Replace the negative thoughts

Once you’ve successfully stopped those thoughts, then it’s time to replace them with better ones. Those which will help improve your life.

Implement the improved thoughts

Finally, it’s time to act on those good things you’re now thinking about. Eventually, you’ll realize that you’re becoming more positive both in thoughts and in actions.