Top Reasons to Ride a Bike

Image by Nicki Varkevisser/Flickr

While most of us had the chance to learn how to ride a bike when we were kids, not many adults still do it today. In some countries, like China and Belgium, seeing more bikes than cars on the streets is not unusual. However, millions of people around the world don’t get to experience these awesome benefits on a daily basis. Check out what they are below.

Biking is great for your heart

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It boosts your immune system

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It saves money compared to public transport or car

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Riding a bike for short journeys saves your car in the long run

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Heck, you can even sell your car and earn some money, plus save a fortune not having to maintain it

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Spend more time in the sun and get exposed to Vitamin D

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You’ll live longer

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You’ll get to know your city

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You’ll get fit while having fun

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You can ride alone or with someone

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