Top 3 Pinterest Food Trends That Will Rock Our World in 2022

Elaborate cake. Food trends for 2021
Photo by David Holifield on Unsplash

2022 is just two weeks away—and so are the many amazing new trends that it’ll bring along. Pinterest used its search history to put together a list of leading trends that will take the world by storm next year. If you’re wondering what will be cooking up in 2022, here are three leading food trends that we’ll be seeing everywhere soon.

Ancestral Eats

After years of getting experimental in the kitchen, 2022 will see us going back to our roots. This trend is all about fully embracing traditional dishes from different corners of the world. According to Pinterest, Russian, Arabic, South African, Norwegian, and Filipino cuisine will be the biggest hit.

Butter Up

Pinterest’s “butter up” trend is all about welcoming elaborate cakes into our lives. Unusual and art cake ideas are two of the most searched terms that fall under this category, and Pinterest users have a soft spot for gravity-defying tiers and picture-perfect 3D and bubble cakes.

Cuppa Time

Speaking of Instagram-friendly food trends that will take the world by storm in 2022, tea parties will be all the rage. Drinking tea pose, high tea food ideas, and tea party aesthetics are some of the most searched terms that prove that tea parties will become the new happy hour in 2022.