Tips For Using Less Water While Washing Dishes

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Doing dishes, when done incorrectly, is a huge source of wasted water. With water resources limited on Earth and droughts becoming more and more common, it is extremely important to do your part in conserving water.

Here are some tips that will help you save water while cleaning dishes in the kitchen.

Use Your Dishwasher Instead

Believe it or not, using a dishwasher to do dishes on easily-cleaned items such as plates and silverware uses much less water than doing dishes by hand in the sink. Studies have shown that doing this uses about a fourth as much water as washing in the sink, as counterintuitive as it might seem.

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Don’t Run the Water Continuously

When you have to do dishes in the sink, it’s important to remember to not run the water continuously. Keeping the faucet running causes unnecessary water waste that can be avoided by using hot water and soap bath in the sink and only the faucet for rinsing.

Wash Many Dishes at a Time

This might go against your mother’s advice to wash your dishes as you dirty them, but it’s much more eco-friendly to wash dishes in bulk. This allows you to use the same amount of water for multiple dishes, in turn reducing water consumption.