Tiny Framed Herbariums Are The Perfect Gift For Flower Lovers

Flowers are one of the most common presents on the market, but is it still possible to surprise someone with this gift? If you ask us, the answer is definitely yes – especially if you end up buying one of these delicate herbariums created by Tatiana Lazaryuk.

This creative artist is the mastermind behind Herbarista Shop, and we’re head over heels with her botanical home décor. Instead of putting pressed flower inside a herbarium, like we all did in school, she likes to display them inside tiny custom frames, for the whole world to see.

“I always loved flowers and was interested in saving some memory bouquets for a long time. I started by pressing them in books. I practiced a lot keeping flowers in the best condition possible because it’s important to make them look vivid and bright,” Lazaryuks said to Bored Panda.

If you’re not into giving or receiving flowers because they don’t last this is the perfect gift. Lazaryuk’s creations will allow you to bring a tiny piece of nature into your home, and keep it for years to come.