Throwing the Best 4th of July Bash is Simple!

The 4th of July is such a fun holiday to celebrate with friends and family and throwing a great themed party actually isn’t as hard as you think! As long as you stick to the classics it’ll be smooth sailing.


You can never go wrong with having enough red, white, and blue food for a 4th of July party. You can get really creative by using different gummies or snacks to make up an American flag or just using berries and icing to decorate a simple box cake. But, the crazier you go with these colors, the more impressed your friends will be.


Even if you’re not a crafty person, you can make your house look super festive with just a few touches! First, for any tables you have out, cover them in tablecloths that have red, white, or blue on them.

Try to do the same for plates and napkins, and you can never go wrong with just throwing an American flag up onto a wall for easy 4th of July decor.


Of course, the 4th of July isn’t complete without seeing fireworks! If you can’t see them from where you’re having the party, make sure you turn on the TV so people can gather around and watch them together.