Three Scarves You Need This Fall

Photo by Remy_Loz on Unsplash

Scares are one of the best ways to treat yourself this fall. It is truly the sign to put away your sandals and iced tea and reach for boots and something hot to drink. There are so many types of scarves and ways to wear them, so here is a guide on just some of the many varieties out there.

The Blanket Scarf

This is amazing for people who love to stay warm but still remain fashionable. This scarves are super big and comfortable, and are named as such because when they aren’t around your neck, they really could be a blanket!

Neck Scarves

Neck scarves and bandanas are super in right now and are perfect for people who need a little bit of warmth but are mostly into scarves for fashion. If you want to go for a more western look, stick with a bandana. But, if you’re into retro style, pick a 50s or 60s inspired silk scare to tie around your neck.


Silk scarves are perfect for people who need a little bit more coverage and warmth than a neck scarf but want to be covered up more like a blanket scarf. They are also really delicate and can be paired with a lot of different styles.