How to Become a More Efficient Cook

Photo by Alyson McPhee on Unsplash

Some people don’t like to cook because they think it takes a lot of time. Although some dishes are more difficult than others to make, if you plan your dishes correctly, you’ll be sitting down for a lovely meal sooner than you think.

Following The Recipe

If you are using a recipe for a dish, read all the steps first and follow them in that order! It doesn’t make sense to make a dish and then realize your oven isn’t even on. It also helps to know what will need to be cooked first, etc.

Spice Blends

When you find a dish you like with spices you like, make a premade spice blend! Measure out the spices you need and put them in a container or a plastic bag. That way whenever you want to cook the dish again, you can just take out the spice blend and pour it into the dish.

Clean As You Go

One of the worst things about cooking a large meal is the cleaning up after. In order to avoid that, try to clean whatever you can as you go. Also, think about if you can use bowls or utensils for more than one step of the cooking process to save yourself the trouble of cleaning.