3 Hosiery Styles to Try This Season

Photo by Joshua Rondeau on Unsplash

With fall here (and winter fast approaching), now is the time to go through your hosiery draw and see if it needs a refresh. If you’re a tights fan, the good news is that this season, tights were big news on the catwalks. Fashion houses debuted different styles, so here are three of the best to check out this season.

Velvet Touch Tights

What could be more luxurious (and comforting) than velvet touch tights? These tights, often done in beautiful rich red and green hues, really catch the light and are fabulously interesting to look at. Tights can often be relegated to the background, and done in shades of black and grey, but hosiery really makes a statement!

Rainbow Hue

Winter can be dark, drab and depressing, so why not brighten it with some fantastic colored tights? Try pastel hues paired with a dark skirt to make a statement, or rich jewel tones to bring a sense of opulence to your look.


Stripes, spot, flowers, spiders, spaceships – the range of patterns and decorations that you can find on tights seems never-ending! Express yourself through your tights choice and brighten up everyone’s day with a zany pattern.

Although winter can be hard, small tweaks and tips can make it more bearable. Bring some joy through your hosiery, and brighten up your style.