Smart Garden Features To Spruce Up Your Yard

Photo by Joe Wiedenmeier on Unsplash

No matter how beautifully manicured your garden may be, installing smart garden features will be sure to make maintenance and the day-to-day running of your garden and patio as seamless as can be. Here are some smart garden features that will be sure to spruce up your yard.

Get A Smart Water Feature

Controllable from a mobile app, a smart water feature will allow you to decide exactly when you want your fountain to flow as well as when you want to water your plants. What’s more, you can set a schedule for your irrigation system to operate automatically according to your needs.

Light Features

If you enjoy lounging on your deck or patio in the nighttime or plan on inviting friends over for an outdoor dinner in the summer breeze, then this is a feature for you. Connect LED color-changing lighting to your pond or water feature to create a dazzling light show for you and your guests.

Temperature Sensor

If you have fish in your pond, then ensuring their well-being is surely a priority. By installing a temperature sensor in your pond, you’ll be able to make caring for your fish that much easier.