This Simple Trick Will Help You Choose the Perfect Foundation Shade

There’s no better way to start a day than with a big cup of coffee and a beauty routine that really works.

If you’re like most women, a foundation is a big part of your daily makeup routine. Here’s a simple tip that will help you pick the right shade every time.

A foundation that’s too dark or too light for your skin tone is one of the biggest makeup mistakes you can make. Despite trying out the tester in the store, it seems to turn into a whole different color when you get home.

What did you do wrong?

Testing the foundation on your chin or your neck might be why this is happening. These parts of your face are usually a little bit darker than some others, so the foundation that matches them can end up being too dark for you. What you want to do instead is to match the skin on your cheeks, ideally, the part you put a highlighter on. If you match this correctly, you can be sure that you’ve picked the perfect foundation for you.