This is All You Need in Your Beach Bag

Photo by Anna Hamilton on Unsplash

These days are perfect for the beach! You probably want to avoid the hassle and be ready to go in five minutes, but you should make sure you’re not forgetting something important. With our little guide, you’ll easily know what you need in your beach bag this summer.

SPF Lotion

SPF is the first thing you should pack, but what’s more important is that you actually reapply it multiple times a day. Water and sweat make the lotion disappear from your body faster than usual so always make sure your skin is well protected.


There are so many amazing, colorful beach towels to choose from, so pack a big one that can easily fold to fit into your bag.


Just like your skin, your eyes need some protection from the sun. Don’t settle for cheap, fashionable models, but always go for high-quality sunglasses that have good UV protection.

Bottle of Water

It’s important to stay hydrated at all times, so this should go without saying.

Healthy Snack

It’s much better to pack up some fruit or a vegetable sandwich than panicking when you get hungry and opting for convenient fast food.

Book, Magazine, or Earphones

As much as your friends are amazing, you may want to have a few moments for yourself only. That’s why it’s important to have some reading material on hand or earphones and a podcast ready to entertain you.