This Hairbrush Will Change Your Life

If your hair is the kind that’s hard to detangle, you’ve probably had some pretty bad times in your life trying to brush your hair. It’s a lot of pulling and pain and takes up too much time. But what if we told you that brushing your hair doesn’t have to be a whole fiasco every time?

Enter the Wet Brush. The idea is that it’s made for gently brushing wet hair in a way that doesn’t damage it, but something about the way this unassumingly ordinary-looking hairbrush is built that makes it work just as well on dry hair.

It just goes straight through your hair with little effort and pain, no matter how tangled it may be. Seriously, you’ll never be able to go back to using a regular hairbrush again.

And before you worry that this revolutionary hairbrush might cost you an arm and a leg, it’s actually completely affordable – you can get one on Amazon for around 10 bucks. So there’s no reason not to give it a try. You’re welcome ahead of time.