How to Discover the Culinary Scene of a New Country When on a Budget

Photo by Nick Karvounis on Unsplash

Many people can’t resist discovering the culinary scene of each new country they visit, but trying local specialties sometimes comes with a hefty price tag. If you’re traveling on a budget, but still want to try some delicious, traditional foods, these three tips will help you do it without breaking the bank.

Street Food

Many of the most popular specialties of local culinary scenes can usually be bought on the street. If you’re concerned about the safety of street food, ask the staff at your hostel or local tour guides for recommendations.

Restaurant Choice

You don’t have to dine in lavish restaurants to discover all the delicious treats that the country you’re visiting has in store. Do some research, explore online menus, and find a place that looks nice and fits your budget. Preparing breakfast or dinner at your hostel is also a good way to save money, and use it to indulge once it’s time for lunch.

Cooking with the Locals

If you enjoy cooking, not just eating, singing up for a cooking class might be the thing for you. If you’re staying in a new city for long enough to meet some locals, you can also ask them to show you how to prepare some of the specialties of the traditional cuisine.