Think Twice Before Throwing These Items Away

Photo by Eirik Solheim on Unsplash

Are you moving to a new home, tidying up, or getting rid of junk? Sometimes when you start throwing things away, you end up mindlessly getting rid of things you needed. When clearing your space, make sure you don’t throw away these things.

Important Documents

When you go through old receipts and school papers make sure important documents don’t get mixed in. Don’t throw away financial documents like loan or investment statements, insurance papers, tax records or identification documents like birth certificates, passports, and social security cards.


In the digital age, photographs tend to be saved on cameras and on social media, but there is nothing like being able to hold an actual picture. Keep your pictures in albums, boxes, or frames.

Handwritten Notes

Birthday cards and handwritten notes have so much sentimental value especially after your loved one who wrote them has passed away. To avoid them getting mixed with other papers, store them in a memento box.

Old Electronics

We’re constantly replacing our phones and laptops to get the newest, best thing, but smart devices have personal information that can pose a privacy risk if they get into the wrong hands. Before tossing electronics, wipe them of personal data and files. Also, look for local e-cycling centers and retailers than take old electronics as they can contain hazardous waste.