Things You Shouldn’t Wear on Somebody Else’s Wedding Day

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Your BFF is getting married and you are just as excited as she is! One of the biggest concerns you have is – what to wear? While there are no right answers to this questions, there are several that answer the question – what not to wear? If you avoid them, anything you pick will be a great choice.

White Dress

It goes without saying that the bride should be the only one wearing a white dress. You may want to avoid blush pink, champagne and similar colors, just in case the bride has decided to go with a wedding dress in a very bright non-white color.

New Heels

Have you recently bought a perfect pair of heels but haven’t had a chance to wear them yet? Don’t wear them to a long-lasting celebration if you don’t already know how they ‘act’, otherwise you’ll be left with splinters, unable to walk and dance.

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Something Outside the Dress Code

You may be all about simplicity and minimalism, but don’t show up to a wedding wearing jeans! By not following the unspoken dress code, you’re disrespecting the newlyweds and their celebration.