These Yarn Crafts are Cozy and Functional

There’s so much more you can do with yarn than just making blankets and sweaters (although we do love a nice cozy blanket). You can create some incredible home decor items like lamps, mirrors, bowls, and pillows. Here are some ideas to get you started.

Fringe Pendant Light

For this whimsical piece, all you need is a laser-cut piece of wood as the base for the fixture, some yarn for the tassels, and a colorful cord. This light looks like it came straight from Anthropologie!

Wrapped Rope Bowl

Store all your desk items and accessories in these adorable yarn-wrapped bowls. You’ll finally get to use all those extra yarn scraps from your other projects, which will make you feel good about not wasting supplies.

Yarn Wall Hanging

Yarn wall hangings are super trendy now and they make great accent pieces in any room of your house. Simply choose your favorite colors of yarn and add a gold hoop for a sophisticated look or a tree branch for a more earthy vibe.

Fringed Mirror

Turn a boring old mirror into a statement piece by hanging some yarn on the bottom of it. Get creative with your colors for an ombre effect sure to look much more expensive than it was.

Yarn Pillows

For a more challenging project, make a yarn pillow. If you mess up, you can always pull out any stitches.