Sit Back and Relax With These Meditative Crafts

If you’re new to art therapy, it’s time to step onboard to the trend. You can practice social distancing with craft projects which will also reduce stress and anxiety. These meditative projects will keep you calm, cool, and collected through quarantine.

Crochet or Knitting

You can multitask while knitting or crocheting as they are repetitive in motion. Watch your favorite shows on Netflix while you make a cozy blanket.

Mixed Media-Style Collage

Some of us are not the greatest drawers or painters and that’s where collages come in. You can use whatever materials you have on hand which includes magazines, glitter, pom-poms, or string.


Keep your mind busy and your anxiety low by completing puzzles. You’ll feel productive when you finish it and it’s a great way to put down your phone.

Make Music

Playing a musical instrument will boost your mood while helping you connect with others. Join your community at 7 p.m. when frontline health workers change shifts, by standing in your doorway to cheer or play music to thank them for their work.

Try Crafts You Enjoyed as a Kid

Maybe there’s a craft you loved doing when you were a kid. Now’s the time to pick it up again and give paint-by-numbers, coloring, or latch hook another try.