These Spring Cleaning Ideas Go Way Beyond Tidying Your Home

Image by engin akyurt from Pixabay

Around this time of the year, people are swapping out heavy, warm spaces for lighter and brighter ones. If you’ve done your spring cleaning or are about to start, think about other ways you can spring clean besides just cleaning your house with these tips.


Spring cleaning is about making our physical spaces cleaner, but why not clear out your mind while you’re at it? Take some time to practice meditation, or get into a new habit that allows your mind to get a little vacation.


If you haven’t reassessed your relationships, both friendships and romantic relationships, now is the time. If there are people in your life you need to talk to because they’re not bringing you joy or worse, don’t wait another minute! Have the hard discussions you’ve been avoiding and spring clean your relationships.


Whether you’ve decided to cut out something or trying to lose weight for summer, take some time to reassess your diet. If you eliminate something from your diet, ask yourself: is it worth it? Am I really happier by taking it away? Or would it be better to instead add something to your diet? And if you’re on a strict diet, ask yourself the same questions, and remind yourself that your body is amazing and so capable, so take care of it!