These Small Home Office Changes Will Make You Feel Better

Working from home seemed like an amazing idea at first, but after months spent exclusively at our home offices without any contact with coworkers, it’s starting to feel less romantic. However, there are some small changes you can make to your home workplace that will make you feel better while working. Here are our top ideas.

Let Natural Light In

If possible, move your desk closer to a window and let some natural light in. The days are shorter now and it may already be dark outside by the time you’re finished with work, so make the most out of the nice fall days by setting your workstation against the window and enjoying the view.

Choose Soothing Colors

Your desk should always be neat and the color scheme for your office should be soothing so that it doesn’t put additional stress on you. In order to achieve the best effect, pick natural, light colors like shades of wood, dusky pink, and light green.

Get Some Plants

Plants can make any space look better and you’ll feel much more comfortable in a home office decorated with a houseplant or two. A hint of nature where you need it most will lower your stress levels and make the environment more pleasant to work in.