These Paper Outfits Make a True Fashion Statement

It’s not every day that we get to see two of our greatest passions – paper art and fashion, that is—interwoven into each other. So imagine our excitement when we came across Asya and Dmitriy Kozin’s paper couture. Using white paper that is folded, cut, and glued with incredible precision, they create anything from wedding dresses to paper masks.

“Our creative process always begins with making sketches of our ideas, or even writing them down and discussing them together,” the paper artists explained in an interview with Arctic Paper. “Then we research the subject and start the actual work. We may change something in the process, but in most cases, we know what we want and move towards our goal. It is great to be completely absorbed in the project and to work around the clock.”

Recent projects include marvelous paper wigs that were presented at the exhibition “Modern costume of the ХХ century”, in Moscow, and was later incorporated into a Dolce & Gabbana fashion show. These wigs, as well as other paper creations, draw inspiration from fashion history, and more specifically, the fashion of the Baroque era.

“I think we long for something long-forgotten, as popular culture puts too much emphasis on technical progress and efficiency,” explained Dmitriy. “This is why we love the Baroque era. The value of those wigs were primarily aesthetic, they were notably uncomfortable to wear, but they were also wonderfully beautiful and exquisite, not necessarily practical or having a powerful message. I think people are so tired of special effects.”

Take a look at some of their paper fashion statements in the gallery below:

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A fragment of a wig made for the museum complex Doberlag. This project is called “Paper Heraldry" for a reason. After all, every detail reflects one of the aspects of the life of German nobility and aristocratic culture of the past. We are pleased to be part of the recent history of the Doberlag castle and look forward to the opening of the exhibition "We cover the table. A harbinger of the Dohna Collection in Doberlug“, to which our project is dedicated. Фрагмент парика, изготовленного для музейного комплекса до Доберлаг. Этот проект неспроста носит название “Бумажная геральдика”. Ведь здесь каждая деталь отражает одну из сторон жизни немецкой знати и аристократической культуры прошлого. Мы рады стать частью новейшей истории замка Доберлаг и ждём открытия экспозиции „Wir decken die Tafel. Ein Vorbote der Sammlung Dohna in Doberlug“, к которой и приурочен наш проект. #asyakozinadmitrykozin #paperart #asyakozina #artpractice #arts_gallery #galleryart #artprocess #castle #artsculpture #instagallery #artpost #artphoto #artprojects #gallery #castles #schlossdoberlug #schloss #baroque #baroquewig #wigart #contemporarysculpture

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