These Items Should Always Go in the Freezer

A lot of people never consider the best places to store their foods. We all know that frozen foods go in the freezer, produce goes in the fridge, and non-perishables go in the pantry.

But, what if you found out you could store foods longer and stretch your dollar by putting them in the freezer? The freezer extends the shelf life of your favorite foods so they won’t go bad and get tossed in the trash, so next time you go shopping put these items into your freezer!


Nuts have a very high fat content which means that at room temperature they can actually spoil quicker than you think. So, don’t put them in your pantry once you’re home from the store, chuck them straight into the freezer! This will help them last a whopping 2 years, and the best part is that when you want to enjoy one, you don’t have to defrost them, just eat them straight out of the freezer. 


Butter is something that some people use every day and other people use it a few times a year. If you fall into the part latter, this trick is perfect for you. Put your butter into a freezer bag and it will last 1 year for salted butter, and 6 months for unsalted!