These Hallway Tables Will Make You Fall In Love at First Sight

When decorating your hallway, there are several centerpieces that you have to look for. A good mirror and trendy hallway tables are the two most important elements in the room. Check out the huge trends for tables you want to follow this season.

Less is More

You can barely see this hallway table, but it’s such a good one. It is absolutely minimalistic, which is another reason why you should try it.

Rustic Vibes

Statement rustic wooden hallway tables are one of the biggest home decor trends at the moment. You can see massive designs all over the best interior design magazines. They are the favorite of trendsetters, so now you know how to upgrade the entry area.


If you are a person who always opts for the classics, we have the best option. Try finding an elegant table in a safe color. This type of designs never get old, only get better.

Small & Fancy

A piece of furniture doesn’t have to be big to make a statement. If you have a narrow hallway that doesn’t fit too much, you can opt for a minimalist metal table, with some glass details. This type of hallway tables fit with so many different interior design styles.