These Cafés Have a Strong Wes Anderson Vibe

Image via Far-Flung Travels/Facebook

Fans of Wes Anderson are pretty much in love with the aesthetics of his movies. His choice of colors and attention to details can easily be recognized, so it’s no wonder his work has served as an inspiration to many others.

When you feel like you could use a little balance and symmetry in your life, drop by one of these cafés. If none is close enough, scrolling through their Instagram pages should be enough to make you feel better until Anderson’s next movie comes out.

Bar Luce, Milan, Italy

First stop – a café designed by Wes Anderson himself.

The Budapest Café, Chengdu, China

The Pink Zebra, Kanpur, India

Cafe Congreso, Malolos, Philippines

Superbaba, Victoria, Canada

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Door is open, come on in. #yyj

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