These Are the Piercing Trends of 2020

Looking to shake up your style? Getting a new piercing is a fun way to inject a new attitude into your look. It also opens up a whole new array of accessory opportunities. Here are the piercing trends of 2020.


People are now trading in matching piercings for something a little more sporadic and asymmetrical. It provides the chance to get creative and show off your best pieces in the same look.


In 2020, multiple piercings will be trending more than ever before. Instead of rocking a lone stud, people are choosing a constellation of piercings that they are playing with to create all different kinds of looks.

Layered Look

As part of the curated ear trend, people are using their assorted piercings to showcase an arrangement of textures and shapes by mixing small gemstones with bead clusters and feathers. It seems that the piercing rule for 2020 may be ‘more is more.’

Hoops on Hoops

Layered hoops have been popular for a long time but in 2020, we will be seeing more takes on the classic trend. This means hoops on noses and lips, not just on ears.

Celebrating Your Features

You often hear people saying things like “I’d love a nose piercing but I don’t want to draw more attention to my nose.” In 2020, it’s time we dropped all negative attitudes towards our bodies and start embracing all our features. Especially the ones we have the most trouble accepting.