Bowling: the Perfect Indoor Activity for Cold Winter Days

Photo by Karla Rivera on Unsplash

Staying active can be tough once the temperatures drop, but there are many indoor activities you can enjoy during this time of year. Bowling is one of them, and here’s a couple of reasons why you should give it a shot.

Friendly Fun

You can go bowling on your own, but most people prefer doing it with their friends and family. Sharing this moment with others makes it more fun, especially if you manage to gather a big group and turn the whole experience into a friendly competition.

Staying Fit

You won’t burn as many calories by going bowling as you would by hitting the gym, but it’s a pretty good alternative. It also takes some effort to throw a bowling ball properly since they weigh around 14 pounds, so you’ll end up building muscles along the way.

Great Balance

Bowling isn’t only good for your muscles, but for your balance and flexibility, as well. Swinging the ball may seem easy at first, but hitting as many pins as possible requires some skill, and your posture will improve as you try to get it right.