These Are the Most Popular Wall Colors For 2019, According to Pantone

Pantone introduced the trendiest colors that will officially take over during the following year. This means you will have plenty of choices when it comes to interior design. According to the company, these are some of the trendiest wall colors for 2019 that you definitely have to try.

Princess Blue

If you are all about the blue, this color is the choice for you. Wall colors for 2019 will be so bold, that every corner of your house will be a true delight.

Aspen Gold

All shades of yellow will be popular, but this one really stands out. Even a corner done in Aspen Gold will bring so many positive vibes in your house. Yellow hues are known as the ones that deliver positivity, happiness, good energy and joy.

Sweet Lilac

This is another one of the amazing wall colors for 2019. Ladies will fall in love with it immediately, but men might be a little skeptic. That’s why it’s ideal for a woman’s bedroom or a little girls room.

Living Coral

Living Coral will bring such a fun vibe to your rooms. It is the type of color that usually goes on only one wall. It is perfect for a living room, bedroom and even for a sophisticated kitchen.