Rich DIY Body Butter For All Skin Types

Homemade beauty products are the best! You can always play with the natural ingredients that you like, plus you know exactly what you’re using on your skin. This DIY body butter recipe will change your mind. It is made of only three things, all amazing for your skin.


It is a three-ingredient body butter, and everything is super-natural and moisturizing for your skin. The best thing about DIY beauty products is that you can actually get playful with ingredients and substitute them. For this butter, you will need 1 cup shea butter and 1/2 cup coconut oil. The third ingredient is where it gets interesting. The first option is 1/2 cup almond oil, but if you have any type of other organic oil at home feel free to use it.


Get a double boiler and put in the shea butter and coconut oil on top. Start melting them, and once you’re done, put the mixture away from heat for 30 minutes. Get the essential oil of your choice and add it to the cooled down mixture. You can even use several different oils. When the oil starts to solidify, whip everything. The end result should have a buttery consistency. Now your body butter is ready for use.