These Are the Diamonds of The “Reserved” Party Collection

Fashion retailers Reserved have just launched a collection of party attire to outdo all other partywear. Boasting vibrant shades and unique embellishments, Reserved truly are the party-toppers of the season. Here’s a look at some of the strongest pieces.

Blue Velvet

We’re in love with this bright shade of blue. The dress is vibrant, simple, and shows off beautiful on-trend puffed sleeves. This may be the dress of the festive season.

Tassel Coat

The problem with the festive season is that no matter how sparkly and wonderful your dress is, you have to cover it with a coat. With this duo-chrome purple number, the coat is the outfit.

Purple Sequins

Alternatively, opt for this sequined combo and the blazer matches the dress. This is a strong look and it dares to go against the grain.

Lilac Mood

Who said lilac is just for Spring/Summer collections? This tailored, elegant two-piece is comfortable and sophisticated. It’s perfect for a Christmas get-together with the work gals.

Purple Suit

Take it up a notch with a rich purple, satin two-piece. This gorgeous partywear can be repurposed for all occasions by mixing and matching with other pieces.