The Zimbabwean Safari Bubble is the 2020 Travel Experience We Needed

At this point in 2020, we are all used to being in our own ‘bubbles’ within our cities and towns. With the travel industry restarting in many desirable locations, like Zimbabwe’s Victoria Falls, the safari bubble is now a very real thing. What exactly is a ‘safari bubble’ though?

The Safari Bubble

A ‘safari bubble’ essentially means that a travel party from the same social bubble can rent out a lodge or part of one. By renting out the entire lodge, travelers can ensure that they don’t come into contact with many people, and reduce the chance of contracting COVID-19. Not all safari bubbles are the same though, and the Matetsi Victoria Falls lodge offers a very special experience.

The Matetsi Lodge

The lodge is situated within its own game reserve and gives guests access to 136,000 acres of private land. There is also private access to the banks of the Zambezi River. In the morning, you can see wildlife like elephants, giraffes, and hippopotami drinking from the river. There are daily tours to the mighty Victoria Falls, one of the seven natural wonders of the world.

The Cost

To make the safari bubble exclusive, guests can create their safari bubble for a week. To rent out the entire lodge costs $22,000, and half of the lodge costs $9,500. This price includes the cost of food, use of amenities, a private butler, driver, and designated safari vehicles for the stay. The same staff will be with you from start to finish and keep your safari bubble as small as possible. 

It might be time to book your luxe safari vacation.