Taylor Ann Linko is Transforming Wedding Dresses into Works of Art

Artists use all sorts of unusual things as their canvas, but Taylor Ann Linko manages to outdo many of them with her choice of medium. She found viral fame after deciding to add some color to classic white wedding dresses and transformed her passion into a successful business.

Linko’s company Canvas Bridal was born out of the idea to wear something other than white on her wedding day. The first dress that she ever painted was her own, and it quickly turned out that she wasn’t the only bride who didn’t want to wear white on her wedding day.


After seeing how amazing Linko’s dress looked, the offers started pouring in. Many brides wanted a dress similar to hers, and she decided to help them out by renting a tiny studio where she started transforming their gowns into amazing works of art.

Linko’s customers aren’t simply asking for a copy of her own wedding dress. They want to add some color to their wedding day with vibrant trains that perfectly reflect their personality. Each dress is different, both in its design and color combo, and it’s up to the brides to pick the tones they want to wear while walking down the aisle.