The Top Costa Rican Yoga Retreats

With 2021 approaching quickly, it’s time to start planning your yoga retreat for the New Year. Costa Rica, the Central American country known for its surfing and eco-resorts has some of the best yoga retreats. These three should be on your list. 

El Sabanero Eco-Retreat

Found just outside the town of Tamarindo, El Sabanero offers its visitors peaceful tropical gardens, ethically made bungalows, and plenty of yoga. Each year, yoga teachers from all over the world host retreats for a variety of different practices. The popular retreat here is the “Revitalize and Rejuvenate” retreat. It’s a six-day course that has two yoga practices a day, vegetarian meals, and time to sit back and relax.

Montezuma Yoga

This is one of the original yoga centers in Costa Rica and is situated in Montezuma at Hotel Los Mangos. Yoga teacher Dagmar Spremberg, created this oasis of calm. There are three main retreats to choose from: Yoga and Spanish, Yoga and Wellness, and Yoga and Surf. Each of the retreats has a daily yoga practice, along with an accompanying activity such as language learning, surfing, or meditation. 

Vida Asana

If you want to head to the center of the country, then Vida Asana in San Jose is your best option. Yogis from around the world hold retreats here and there’s a big focus on surfing and yoga. The cottages are built to blend in with the jungle and there is beach access from the resort itself.