The Most Stylish Passport Holders

Travel may look a little bit different now, but there are countries that are allowing tourists. For the intrepid traveler, you also want to be stylish. One way to be stylish, other than wearing a fantastic airport outfit is with your passport. Passport holders come in all shapes, sizes, colors, and brands. Here are the top three in 2020. 


Leather passport holders are undeniably stylish. They come in a wide variety of colors, from deep purple to forest green. You can have them embossed with your name, or initials in gold for a personal touch. Mulberry makes a particularly nice one, which features a sporty strip of color across it. 

Arts and Crafts

For those that love a bit of color, and a lot of design then Arts and Crafts style passport holders are the way to go. These passport holders have floral motifs, or animal ones. Morris & Co. is known for this style, and they make holders designed to look like card holders for your passport. 


Some of us are prone to spilling water bottles, and other beverages that can destroy a passport. For the accident prone, waterproof or water-resistant passport holders are an excellent option. These tend to be zippered, and feature a lot of different pockets for all of your travel documents.