The Most Beautiful Heart-Shaped Islands In The World

Nature has so many magical ways to make this world beautiful. These are some of the most gorgeous heart-shaped islands on Earth, courtesy of Mother Nature.

Makepeace Island, Australia

The Makepeace Island is owned by two Virgin Australia founding partners. Today it has a luxury resort that can host up to 22 guests.

Lovers’ Island, Croatia

Croatia is becoming one of the top trending vacation locations. It’s also the home of one of the coolest heart-shaped islands, dubbed Lovers’ Island, which has a private owner. You can visit it, but expect to see a place with untouched nature.

Harbor Island, Maine

This is one of the greenest islands you’ve ever seen. Let’s not forget that it has the prettiest heart shape. It’s a place of calmness and peace, and it’s a short trip from the Maine shore.

Heart Reef, Australia

The heart reef in Queensland is not an island that you can actually visit, but you can see it from a plane. It’s made completely of coral reefs, but sadly no one is allowed to snorkel there. At least we can admire its beauty and its stunning turquoise color.