The Cities Of The Future Are Nearly Here, And They’re Breathtaking


Mankind is racing full-speed into the future, and amidst all the talk of drones and AI, something as equally cool but not as frequently talked about is coming very soon.

Futuristic cities used to be something that was only imagined in films, but those fantastical ideas have turned into real projects with some of them nearing completion sooner than you might think.

The Perks Of The Future Metropolises

There will be glitz and glam aplenty when the metropolis cities of the future arrive. With high-tech utilities and state-of-the-art conveniences, life will be drastically different.

Qatar, a country with an abundance of wealth largely due to oil mining, is in the midst of building one of the great cities of the future: Lusail City.

When Qatar won the bid to host the FIFA 2022 World Cup, they decided to build a brand new, $45-billion dollar city. The project is rapidly nearing completion and will feature luxuries like man-made waterways, central IT system, pneumatic trash disposal tubes, and a cutting-edge public transit system.

Lusail City is designed for a population of at least 450,000, yet Qatar’s total population is only 400,000. Perhaps there will be an opportunity for immigration if you’re feeling adventurous!

Japan Is Leading The Way

Japan has always been at the front of technological advances, and it’s not different with the foray into future cities as they build the Fujisawa Sustainable Smart Town.

This project designed by Panasonic will run an estimated $740 million in total cost and will be centered around eco-friendly, sustainable tech.

The entire town will be powered by solar technology, have a gateless security system i.e. full camera surveillance, electric cars available for rent, and lots of green space.

Over a thousand people already live there but the project should be fully completed by 2020.

The USA Will Not Be Outdone

Not wanting to be left behind, the United States is building its own futuristic city near the Denver International Airport called Pena Station Next.

This area is designed to test future housing technologies but the people that live there currently enjoy luxuries like transparent TV screens, the LinkRay light technology which allows information to be transmitted to smartphones via light, and “smart” street poles.

The future we always envisioned is being built as we speak, and it’s only a matter of time before these marvelous cities become the norm!