The Biggest Wedding Invitation Trends For 2019

Gather lovebirds, there is a new trend alert. All the couples getting married in 2019 will definitely want to see the biggest wedding invitation trends.


Ombre has never looked better. Once you put this trendy coloring technique on your invitations, you know it’s the right way to go. It is very unique, which means not a lot of couples will dare to try it.


Glamour everywhere! If you are all about glamorous happenings, you should definitely follow one of the biggest wedding invitation trends. Glitter designs are already trending on Instagram. There are so many colors to choose from!


Shiny metallics are not only meant for decorations anymore. You can leave a strong impression with an invitation that really stands out. Add some fun metallic shades to the final look of the invite and everyone will talk about it.


It doesn’t matter whether you are obsessed with art or not. The new wedding invitation trends for 2019 suggest that watercolor paintings are all you need for the big day.


Both navy and nautical vibes will become a part of weddings next season. Couples who love classy themes and down-to-earth colors should try this trend. You will have so much fun finding the right fit.