The Best of the #10YearChallenge Posts

The latest hashtag to go viral is the “#10YearChallenge” where you post a photo of yourself from ten years ago next to a photo of yourself now. The hashtag is not meant to make you feel age anxiety but the opposite. It’s a chance to celebrate how far you have come in the last decade.

Since 2019 is a year for wellness and positivity, we’ve handpicked some of the best #10YearChallenge posts which celebrate growth and practice gratitude.

Katie Piper

10 years on from her painful recovery from an acid attack, Katie Piper is glowing in her own kitchen. In her post, she describes ageing as an “absolute privilege” and celebrates how far she has come since her accident.

Negin Mirsalehi

Negin Mirsalehi used her #10YearChallenge to celebrate her relationship. Ten years on from when they met, she expresses gratitude for still spending every day with her partner. Aw.

Igor Ache

In a jokey post expressing a deep and important sentiment, Igor celebrates the freedom of coming out of the closet and finding love with his partner.

Technical Sketch

The #10YearChallenge isn’t just about seeing how much you’ve changed on the outside, but it’s about how much you have grown from within. Technical Sketch have taken the opportunity to show how much artistic talent can grow in a decade.


This #10YearChallenge celebrates self-acceptance and embracing one’s characteristics, in spite of what others might say.