The Best Book Club Reads for 2020

Image via Burst/Pexels

Are you a member of a book club? Do you want to start one? Book clubs have always been around and if you aren’t in the market for discussing the classics then try something more modern. 2020 has already brought us some great reading material with lots of topics for discussion. Here are 3 books you should read in your book club.

Isabel Allende –  A Long Petal of the Sea

Isabel Allende is a master of realism. In her newest book, A Long Petal of the Sea, she writes about a couple who are forced out of Barcelona to flee the Spanish Civil War. The couple then finds themselves in danger under the Pinochet dictatorship. The book is about refugees, war, and love.

Miranda Popkey –  Topics of Conversation

Miranda Popkey’s first novel is about conversations with people in the life of the narrator. All of these people are a little eccentric but the author writes in a reflective way. The conversations are about relationships, motherhood, substance abuse, and privilege. It is the exploration of life as a woman in the modern world.

Kate Elizabeth Russell – My Dark Vanessa

This is Kate Elizabeth Russell’s debut novel. My Dark Vanessa is a contemporary take on Lolita told from the perspective of Vanessa Wye, who talks about her memories of an abusive relationship with a high school teacher 27 years her senior. Seventeen years after their relationship ends, a journalist reaches out to Vanessa to tell her about a former classmate who had publicly accused the same teacher of sexual abuse and Vanessa’s life begins to unravel.