The Best Beauty Podcasts to Listen to This Week

Photo by Elice Moore on Unsplash

We hope you haven’t neglected podcasts since you’re not commuting to work anymore! For all those who work from home, morning is a great time to catch up with podcasts over a cup of coffee before the workday starts, and below are our favorites from the beauty sections.

The Beauty Brains

Cosmetic scientists Perry Romanowski and Valerie George discuss skincare and dermatology from every angle. You will learn about different topics like how diet and acne are related and if you can use your facial cleanser as a shampoo.

Beauty Closet

Goop’s Beauty Closet covers many different topics, from basic hair care to plastic surgery. The hosts Jean Godfrey June and Megan O’Neill and their guests will answer all the questions you have. They always have interesting guests who bring the podcast to another level.

Full Coverage

If you’re in a mood for a makeup podcast, you can listen to Full Coverage, hosted by makeup artist Harriet Hadfield and beauty lover Lindsey Kelk. They explore a range of topics and interview industry celebrities who have some amazing ideas.