The Belgian Artist Who Can’t Stop Doodling On Everything In Her Life

Image via jook_art/Instagram

Jook Neyrick is not your ordinary artist. She’s spent her life building what she calls her “empire of doodles.” In fact, there’s literally nothing in Jook’s life, apart from her cat, that she hasn’t tried to doodle on at one point or another.


Notebooks To Collages

Jook found that while she was studying art, she filled notebook after notebook with her doodles. Then she realized that she could create doodles with techniques that had previously been devoted to more “serious” forms of graphical art.

Her life was transformed. She threw herself into creating autobiographical doodles on every surface imaginable and she began with the walls of her own home.


The Dreams Of Jook

She says that she wants the viewer of her doodles to be able to step, even momentarily, into her own private dream world. Everything that she draws, she has seen in her own head at some point or another. Her doodling style is a peculiar combination of masters such as Dali and Miro, with contemporary graffiti from Keth Herring and Brian Donnelly with a finishing flourish of classic Manga Comic art.


Jook’s Art Needs To Be Free

Jook has had many exhibitions of her work and it’s won a lot of awards but she realized recently that she wanted her work to be free. So, she’s started to doodle on clothes and shoes. When her art is being worn, she knows it’s closer to her audience than it has ever been before. Her dreams live everywhere now.