Textured Seashell Nails Are Taking Instagram by Storm

Seashells have taken over the world of jewelry and home décor, and it’s now coming for nail art—but probably not in the way you expected. Seashell-inspired nails don’t just feature fun prints—their main goal is to look just like the real thing.


This year’s summer nail art trends were all about fun patterns, such as florals, butterflies, and tropical motifs. Once seashells entered the scene, we expected colorful prints inspired by them, but this nail trend ended up taking a life of its own.


These nails mimic the colors and the texture of actual seashells, and the more realistic they look—the better. Nail artists aren’t getting creative with colors either and mostly use beige and white shades to properly copy the exterior of seashells you can stumble upon during long walks on the beach.

Some nail artists enjoy adding pearls and tiny crystals to the mix, but it’s essential to keep it simple. In the sea of colorful and over-the-top nail trends this summer gave us, textured shell nails are the most elegant and subtle, and that makes us love them even more.