Tania Lissova Will Make You See Paper Art in a Whole New Light

Paper art comes in many different shapes and forms, and Tania Lissova is one of those artists who found a way to forge their own path. She specializes in making miniature hand-cut paper plants, and her creative process is truly impressive.


Lissova was no stranger to modeling, drawing and creating illustrations long before starting this adventure since she studied architecture and arts in college. This eventually led to a successful career as a paper artist, with 250,000 Instagram followers and counting.


The Russian artist made a name for herself by crafting three-dimensional paper plants, and each one of her creations requires a lot of time and patience. She puts a lot of effort into making them as realistic as possible, but it’s a long and process – which surprisingly doesn’t involve scissors.

The paper plants that she’s known for are so tiny that Lissova has to use sharp precision cutters and blades tools because scissors are simply too big. She also uses different types of colorful paper, to make her flowers as life-like as possible.