3 Ways to Make Reading More Books at Once Easy and Enjoyable

Photo by freestocks on Unsplash

Reading more than one book at a time can be pretty difficult, but it has its benefits. You’ll be reading more than you usually do and get through the pile of books you want to read much faster, as long as you follow these three simple steps.

Perfect Balance

When you’re reading two books at once, try to go with different genres. You’ll be able to find a perfect balance between heavy and lighthearted material this way, and you’ll always have something to read, no matter what kind of mood you’re in.


Different Mediums

You can access books in many different ways, and that’s a good reason as any to read more of them. In addition to having a paperback copy, you can also download eBooks and audiobooks, and this will make it easier to keep a track of each one.


Time and Place

You can also make the experience of reading two books at once easier by assigning time and a place for each one. You can read the first on your morning commute, and leave the second for the evening, but it’s ultimately up to your mood at the time.