Take a Look tt These Amazing Pop-Culture-Inspired Pies

Jessica Leigh Clark-Bojin is one of world’s most talented pie bakers. She takes baking to a whole new level by creating pies that are literally, out of this world.

Pie making was widely popular during medieval times, sais Clark-Bojin. She’s trying to bring it back with her modern designs. Her pies are mostly inspired by pop culture and her favorite TV shows, video games, comic strips. “I started out making the things that I love, like pixel art and Star Trek things and bands that I like from the ’80s”, she told CBC Arts.

It’s interesting that only a few years ago, this talented woman didn’t know how to bake anything. Once she learned how to bake a pie, she didn’t stop there. Clark-Bojin used her creativity to make unique desserts that would become recognizable around the world. She became a true artist, which is not surprising considering her background as a filmmaker.

“I suppose it’s pie art in the sense that it’s using pie as an artistic medium, but really what I want to do is encourage other people to be creative and think outside the box with how they approach any of the food that they love.”

Scroll down to see her beautiful creations.